To all YouTube channel owners with content from my videos or footage from my sites

Hi to all YouTube channel owners with content made from my videos or based on footage from my videos and photos. Here are few rules that would allow you to keep your channels safe and growing. 1) Don't pretend to be me, don't post offensive comments or misleading information, sexualisation and exploitation of my video/photo content is the straight way to get blocked and reported. You've been warned. 2) Include the links to actual sources and original websites and social media on your channel and video s that you upload to YouTube. This is a message if good intentions to me( I'll know that you are my supporter and will not act against you with reports or other actions). 3) If your channel with my footage/videos had been blocked before it is because you were not doing the above two and also using the videos that has been marked as "banned" by YouTube algorithm.  Such are ALL videos from my original YT channel (150K+ subscribers) and any new vids that you managed to upload along with the old "banned" ones. When you create new channel YT lets you fill it  with any content, but when this channel grows and  gets close to YT monetisation requirements you'll be checked by platform algorithm - this is exactly when you'll get banned unless you clean your contents completely (hidden/private vids are also being checked) and this is the only way to keep channel alive: no "marked" videos, no stolen identity, no bad comments, links to actual sources.

I do approve on YT channels who use my videos and footage as fan compilation, keep comments section clean of harassment of any type and give users links to my actual website and media!

Screenshot of the original channel banned by the YouTube algorithm

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