Letter to subscribers

One year ago in February my Youtube Channel was deleted. The channel had almost 200,000 subscribers and was increasing by 1000 subscribers daily. I was looking forward to receive a silver youtube button, but instead, without warning and despite YouTube saying in their policies that they send a warning before deleting the channel they simply closed it and removed all videos.

At the moment there are several fake channels on YouTube that say they are mine, including several that impersonate that they are actually me. All my official media can be found on my personal website milanafamily.com in the header, you can check and make sure you follow right media, not impostors.

I'd like clarify my view on it. I am not against existence of channels with my videos as long as they give credit to any of  my real accounts or simply post a link to my https://boosty.to/milana account.

If they encourage people to subscribe to my original media - I consider such channels friendly and made by my fans. Anyone else is not acting in my interests even if claiming otherwise, especially ones that pretend to be me  and answering to people using my identity. To all my fans who opened the Youtube channels with my videos just as fan channels - Please and this is very important - do not rip & re-publish videos immediately after I do that, allow few days for web algorithms to scan the original version, and please be sure to provide the link to original. It'd benefit all of us.

The videos from our video archive date back to 1990, and at the moment all the films shot are saved in an uncut expanded version and have higher HD quality compared to those freely available on copy channels. Some videos can be published on request and upon agreement.

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