Join me on our travel journeys, family celebrations, watch our town's holidays and customs in Belarus.
Our life is very simple, but we still want to share all the beauty of it!

About us

Hello everyone,
Our family always had special feelings about video and photo documenting. First videos from our archive date back to 1990 when there were very few people who owned or could shoot a home video.

From our father all three kids in the family inherited this passion to visual arts. Our oldest daughter Olga is a graphic & jewelry designer with , our youngest Milana is studying in art school and  learning to film movies for vlogging, as for the boys - father is the keeper of family archives along with brother Simon who works as a doctor. 

We share a big passion for documentary film making and art and we love our country very much, although we always try to travel as much as we can to see the world. 



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